Welcome to the Wayne State College GAMMA Website!

Who We Are...

We are a peer education program who focuses on alcohol abuse prevention and other student health and safety issues. Our mission is to actively promote peer education as a useful element of campus health education and wellness efforts. Through education and activities designed to increase awareness of changing student health and safety issues, GAMMA focuses on the development and promotion of positive lifestyles and decision-making skills.

We believe students play a uniquely effective role - unmatched by professional educators - in encouraging their peers to consider, talk honestly about, and develop responsible habits and attitudes toward the use or non-use of alcohol and other student health and safety issues. GAMMA promotes respect for state laws and campus policies related to alcohol use, and opposes the notion that excessive use of alcohol is an acceptable social practice. In addition to alcohol issues, we also support educational efforts on various health topics such as sexual responsibility, tobacco prevention, marijuana use, and sexual assault. We support those students in the majority who are making responsible decisions in regards to their health.

We believe in making our campus safer, healthier and more enjoyable through peer education. Our Network provides a mechanism for students to come together socially and gain life skills in leadership, responsibility, organization and networking.

What We Do...

GAMMA conducts programs, campaigns, and projects that create awareness, education, and encourages positive decision-making. We try to plan programs according to the needs of our campus. Some issues we focus on are: National Collegiate Alcohol Awareness Week, Sexual Responsibility Week, Safe Spring Break programs, and tobacco education training.
One of the unique aspects of our organization is that students play a very active leadership role within the network. Because they are the very core of our association, students not only become more educated on student health and safety issues, but they also develop greater self-confidence, confrontation skills, and communication skills. They become effective at problem solving, decision-making and program planning...all important life skills for a future career, graduate work, and a meaningful life.

The programs we participate in have diverse and far-reaching goals, including:

  • attacking myths about college drinking that portray excessive use and drunkenness as a norm
  • featuring alcohol-free social events in conjunction with educational messages
  • using the power of peer-to-peer influence as part of the educational process
  • significantly influencing student drinking as it relates to impaired driving prevention
  • recognizing the link between alcohol abuse and other related health issues such as HIV/AIDS, depression, etc.; and supporting a comprehensive peer approach to prevention
  • supporting state laws and campus policies and reducing overall risk to the university and individual students' well-being
  • engaging students in being a part of the catalyst to developing healthy campus environments