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Haunted House


Wayne State College Science Fiction and Fantasy Club's convention: WillyCon


The Haunted House was at the Wayne County Fair Grounds. The WSC Science Fiction and Fantasy Club has been running a Haunted House in Wayne since 1998. In October of 2011, we were visited by a Deputy State Fire Marshal and told we could finish that year, but we needed to meet the guidelines to continue operating in the future. As you can see by reading the guidelines, there is no possibility of the Club, or the Fair Board, making the structure compliant.


The Club Advisor wrote a letter to the Governor asking for special dispensation to operate given the longevity of our operation of a Haunted House, and with a goal of being more safety-conscious. The response did not offer many options and the Club's options are limited.


The Science Fiction and Fantasy Club of Wayne State College will no longer have a Haunted House in Wayne. We thank all those who have participated over the years for your support.