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October ??, 2015


The Second Annual Zombie Walk is over, and the undead horde was successfully contained at Miss Molly's. If you missed the fun, come and join us on October 18, 2014! Click here to see pictures of the 2013 Zombie Walk...



Worried about Zombies? Check the Zombie Threat Level Advisory at the bottom of the page...


View the Guidelines for participating in the Zombie Walk

View some general information on surviving a Zombie Outbreak

View pictures from previous Zombie Walks!


While there is no cost for participating in the Zombie Walk, we suggest a donation of a food item for the WSC Student Food Pantry or cash (in whatever amount fits your budget) that will be sent to Haven House - donations are highly encouraged, and much appreciated!


The Annual Wayne America Zombie Walk will be on October 18, 2014. Tentative schedule:

3:30pm - 4:30pm: makeup, photos, games (WSC Student Center Atrium)

4:30pm - 5:00pm: review of ZW rules, explanation of route, zombie contest info

5:00pm - 5:30pm: (ish) ZW from WSC student center down Main St. Wayne

5:30pm - 7:30pm: Miss Molly's Coffee - Zombie contest, awards, etc.


The route we will take starts out at the Student Center on the WSC campus, making our way through the campus commons, past the administration building and into the Willow Bowl. At the Willow Bowl we will transition to Main Street and make our way downtown to Miss Molley's, staying on the east side of the street. Be careful at 7th and Main... even Zombie's have to follow traffic regulations and wait to cross safely!


There is no official registration process... just show up and have a good time. However, an email or phone call in advance would be appreciated to let us know you plan to participate so we have some idea of how big the Horde will be and can plan accordingly. Email: - Phone: 402.375.7321 (ask for Ron).


Donations are appreciated!





Guidelines to be a Zombie...

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Once a zombie, always a zombie. STAY IN CHARACTER! That means...

  • Zombies stagger, shuffle, lurch, crawl, limp, slither, etc., from place to place. Zombies DO NOT run, jump, skip, cartwheel, etc. Please keep to the public sidewalks at all times. Do not walk in the street or cross anywhere other than a marked crosswalk. Our Walking Dead should not become, well, more dead.

  • Zombies cannot communicate, physically or verbally. Please no talking during the walk, and no waving to people you know - moaning convincingly is allowed and encouraged.

  • NO SMOKING! Zombies have no need for nicotine. If you smoke, please do it before or after the walk.

  • Zombies do not truly have the motor or cognitive abilities to operate a camera or cell phone, so DO NOT use your cell phones; a texting zombie is not a convincing zombie!

  • Never, ever touch, bother or 'scare' anyone during the walk who is not a willing participant. For our purposes zombies are indifferent to the living. You DO NOT interact with anyone not involved with the walk. If you act like you are going to "attack" someone, technically, that is assault or harassment – so, DO NOT suddenly lunge, scare or pretend to attack a stranger. This is the general public we are dealing with and NOT an attraction that people paid to be scared at! The Walk is PERFORMANCE ART and you simply must look and walk like a brain-dead zombie (without the actions of actually attacking anyone to eat their brains!).

  • Be courteous to others! For our purposes, zombies respect personal property and they contain the infection. Zombies are careful not to get any makeup or stage blood on public property. Do not touch cars, buildings, windows, store fronts, etc., during the walk! Do not bring any weapons (i.e., knives or guns).  Please stay in character at all times, BUT KEEP YOUR HANDS TO YOURSELF.

  • Use of any alcohol or illegal drugs during the walk is prohibited!

  • Most important... stay in character and HAVE FUN!





General Information:

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For those who are not aware of what it is, a Zombie Walk is a group of people interested in zombie pop culture who gather together dressed as zombies and walk from one location to another as a Zombie Horde.


While you are waiting in breatheless anticipation to join the Zombie Horde, work on preparing yourself to survive the coming invasion:


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Join the horde in October of 2015!


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Full Scale
Zombie Apocalypse




High Risk
of Zombie Attacks




Unconfirmed Reports
of Zombie Attacks




General Risk of
Undead Attack



Low Risk of
Zombie Outbreak





Photos of previous Zombie Walks...

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