Established 1912


Theta Phi Alpha was originally founded at the University of Ann Arbor in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Theat Phi Alpha was founded by 10 women who had the desire to start something new and great. These 10 women paved the way for the sisters of the future. They started with nothing which has now become a force making its way across the United States.

We are the ONLY National Sorority

on WSC's Campus!!!

  • Theta Phi Alpha was founded in 1912
  • Alpha Pi Chapter at Wayne State College was founded in 1985



Theta Phi Alpha reveres these ten women

as its Founders:

  • Dorothy Caughey Phalan
  • Katrina Caughey Ward
  • Mildred Connely
  • Selma Gilday
  • Otilia Leuchtweis O'Hara
  • Amelia McSweeney
  • Camilla Ryan Sutherland
  • Helen Ryan Quinlan
  • May C. Ryan
  • Eva Stroh Bauer Everson