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Contents: WillyCon XV (April 5-7, 2013) Short Story / Poetry Contest Winners


The content of this site is comprised of the winners from the Wayne State College Science Fiction and Fantasy Club's short story and poetry contest held each year in conjunction with WillyCon. This Zine is where the stories / poetry winning first place in each category are published. You can also view an Archive of First Place Winners for previous years.




   * Adult/College
   * High School (9-12)

   * Middle School (7-8)
   * Elementary (K-6)


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Adult Category

Fiction & Poetry



Adult Fiction:

Yesterday's Wheels - by Mike Doyle


The rear end of the Camaro skidded sharply before the Tiger Paw wide ovals clawed at the pavement as Artie McCulloch slammed the Hurst stick shift down into second. A quick glance into the rearview mirror showed the spinning red light of the "bubblegum machine" atop the black and white police cruiser. The wailing siren competed with the throaty roar of the SS 396.


Artie McCulloch grinned his orneriest grin as he shoved the Hurst up into third. He glanced at the tach mounted astride the steering column. Just as the needle approached the red line, Artie jerked the stick into fourth as the big engine growled its approval.


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2nd Place: Into the Pages - Eric Demarest

3rd Place: Virtual Veterans - John Shoberg

4th Place: Streams - Doug Wallace

5th Place: Harry - Kara McGinley



Adult Poetry:


Shadow People - Michele Jones

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2nd Place: She Devil - Chris Noyes
3rd Place: Barren Borderlands - Lin Brummels
4th Place: Pilgrimage - Lin Brummels









High School Category

Fiction & Poetry


High School Fiction:


Valor - Erica Sun


It was midnight when the Lady of the Market set out. Moonlight illuminated the pavement before her, dark leaves strewn to the side, buried in the crease of the cement curbs. Hulking shadows lined the sidewalk, the streetlamps revealing their true forms: willow trees, stained scarlet with blood from last night's events. Weeds clumped around the uncut grass, stretching on and on without an end in sight. This was a deserted place. A forbidden place.


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2nd Place: Wolf's Law - Melodie Liu
3rd Place: Before - Dani Blum
4th Place: Blinded by the Light - Steven Jacobson
5th Place: Citizen Lydia Harrow - Sharon Li


High School Poetry:

Pressure - Samantha Feldman

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2nd Place: Never Forget a Friend - Kristin Gmunder
3rd Place: Your Missing Left Sock - Jenna Floyd
4th Place: Fault Finder - Samantha Feldman

5th Place: The Ballad of Despair and Utter Hoplessness - Anneka Winder






Middle School Category

Fiction & Poetry


Middle School Fiction:

Facing the Past - by Ashley Kim


I hum quietly, the music from my iPod blasting in my ears. Without glancing down both sides of the street, I step out into the street and prance across, singing under my breath. I wasn't paying attention to anything around me.


One second I'm singing. The next I'm lying on the ground.


My shirt is wet with something. What was it? My hands tremble as I touch my side. When I look at my hands, they're covered in red.


A man is standing over me, his eyes wide with fear and desperation. His mouth is moving, but I can't make out what he's saying. I try to focus on his lips as they move.


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2nd Place: Parasite in Space - Catherine Gong

3rd Place: The Goblin and the Heat - Zoe Brink

4th Place: Are You Afraid of the Dark? - Cassie Vining

5th Place: A Ruined World - Alicia Liu


Middle School Poetry:

24 Lines - Carly Hopkins

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2nd Place: Forever Infinity - Laura Peterson
3rd Place: Guilty - Katya Turchin
4th Place: Rebirth - Carly Hopkins

5th Place: Journal - Josefa Linnell





Elementary School Category

Fiction & Poetry


Elementary School Fiction:

Triagon and Me - Bailey C. Larson


So there I was, kneeling on the smooth, dark granite. It's not like I wanted to be there.


Every day on my way to school, I would pass a construction site.  I had always wondered what was there, but never really got up the courage to go see. But one day I did. That one fateful day changed everything.


I walked over to a crater. The edges were bent up, like something had slammed into it, but it was hollow like something could fall down it. I felt like I was in a comic book, where the hero is just about to jump into the abyss to save the world from a dragon.


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2nd Place: The Life of a Can – Cheryl Fay

3rd Place: Traveling Through Time – Nick Saunders

4th Place: The Black Maze – Olivia Jenkins

5th Place: Operation: Verde – Justus Voss


Elementary School Poetry:

Day and Night - by Natalie Edmonds

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2nd Place: In the Darkness - Natalie Edmonds


We allow two poems to be submitted... as you can see, Miss Natalie was the only one to submit in this category. So by default she wins both first and second place! If you know of other young poets, encourage them to participate...









SF & F Club Members' Submissions:

Strange New Beginnings - by R.D. Vick


This story is one of six published in Jeweled Fragments: A Collection of Short Stories available through the WSC Press, Amazon, the Student Bookstore in Wayne, Nebraska, and via the author's website...