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Contents: WillyCon XVI (April 4-6, 2014) Short Story / Poetry Contest Winners


The content of this site is comprised of the winners from the Wayne State College Science Fiction and Fantasy Club's short story and poetry contest held each year in conjunction with WillyCon. This Zine is where the stories / poetry winning first place in each category are published. You can also view an Archive of First Place Winners for previous years.




   * Adult/College
   * High School (9-12)

   * Middle School (7-8)
   * Elementary (K-6)


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Adult Category

Fiction & Poetry



Adult Fiction:

All in Your Head - by Eric Demarest


The flicker of the light pries my eyelids open and I'm awake. Or…no, not really. I pull myself up and sluff my feet across the floor, but I'm not awake. Done dreaming is all. The last rememberings of whatever my subconscious had coughed up are pulled away, like smoke, and all I'm left with is the real. The real of the cracked linoleum and the tear in the wallpaper and the coffee maker that's never worked right.


I take a drink of coffee anyway and make a face, not that I can see it but I'm sure it isn't pretty. Then there's a buzz from the florescent bulb, and the zap in my head throws the room for a spin. I stand still for a second as I grab onto my balance again. It's been happening more often lately. I should really get it fixed.


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2nd Place: Choices - JoAnna Zacarola

3rd Place: Theatre of War - Scott Stets




Adult Poetry:


Frost-bite Cold - Lin Brummels

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2nd Place: Fatherhood - Steven Davis

3rd Place: The Wailing Shadows - Shivaji K. Moitra









High School Category

Fiction & Poetry


High School Fiction:


Welcome to Sector 53 - Sharon Li


"Where's our water?" A voice rang out from the muddled crowd.


I felt cold inside.


"I don't know."




Chaos broke out that day. Even though almost every resident had a stock of unfinished water, it couldn't last more than two, maybe three days.


That night I went to the Water Pod.


I placed my hand lightly on the scanner on the wall and flinched as the door groaned its protest from the abuse of the other residents. The screen spanning the left wall lit up and a chair unfolded.

Welcome, Resident Morgane. The translucent words glowed softly on the screen.


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2nd Place: Hall of Mirrors - Leyla Brittan

3rd Place: Coca-Cola on Planet X - Manet Nelson


High School Poetry:

Life - Abigail Anderson

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2nd Place: Asphodel - Ryan Medeiros

3rd Place: Caged - Harika Kottakota






Middle School Category

Fiction & Poetry


Middle School Fiction:

Let There Be Light - by Makayla Fisher


The world as I knew it was swallowed up around me as I tugged at the wire of sanity. A mountain of metal rose above me and let out a roar louder than a booming explosion. I opened my eyes. There were beads of sweat pouring down my forehead. It was just a nightmare. I sit up straight and look around the room. I notice a glitch on the right wall. We seriously need to update this house.


"Sage! Come on downstairs!" my mother shouts. I grab my grid. A notification pops up and its a hologram from my mother.


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2nd Place: High and Mighty - Leah Rosen

3rd Place: The Other Side - Jessica Henderson


Middle School Poetry:

The Undertaker - Sami Townsend

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2nd Place: Colors of Love - Steven Marshall
3rd Place: What Lives At The Bottom Of The Lake - Kayla Hay





Elementary School Category

Fiction & Poetry


Elementary School Fiction:

Super Student - Oliver Gordon


I'm Felix.


Have you ever had that feeling where you have a secret but you can't tell anyone because if you do your life is at stake but your brain is on the verge of exploding? Because that's what's happening to me. I have a secret.


My parents are retired superheroes. My dad, Magma Man can melt anything in a blink of an eye. My mom, Dr. Labyrinth, is one hundred times smarter that the average human. They were unstoppable. But there is still one living super villain: Sonic Boom. He can shake the ground with his mind. Even the highest class of superheroes can't defeat him. They say he has been undercover as a ninth grader. Anyway, combining them with other superheroes they beat every villain ever. That was the problem. The NAVY, ARMY, Marines, Police officers, Firefighters, anything that has to do with saving people was losing their jobs. That was one of the reasons of the Great Depression, but no one knows that but superheroes. Now that I am illegal, my family has been covered up as a normal American family.


Tomorrow I am going to a normal school. As a sophomore. I am petrified.


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2nd Place: The Golden City – Caroline Brower

3rd Place: Once Upon An Atom – Cosmos Varady


Elementary School Poetry:

The Sky of Night - by Hojun (Samuel) Lew

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2nd Place: Sports Are Fun - Dominic Stoneking

3rd Place: Monkeys - Skye Smith

4th Place: The Elves - Reina Jasper









SF & F Club Members' Submissions:

Strange New Beginnings - by R.D. Vick


This story is one of six published in Jeweled Fragments: A Collection of Short Stories available through the WSC Press, Amazon, the Student Bookstore in Wayne, Nebraska, and via the author's website...